Five Towns Christian Fellowship

Parental/Guardian Consent Form

Parental/Guardian Consent Form

By completing this form, you are giving consent for your child to take part in activities at Five Towns Christian Fellowship during the youth drop-in sessions.

Please select the number of Children you are signing up to this event. If you are wanting to sign up more than 3 children please contact us on:

Child/Young Person's Details

If you are wanting to sign-up more than 3 Children please contact us on

Person with Parental Responsibility

If different from child


During the course of our regular activities we may take photographs to be used both on the church website, social media and in future event publicity. In order to publish an image of your child we need parental permission. All such photographs will be handled in accordance with our Child Protection Guidelines and we will NOT publish any names or personal information.

I grant permission for 5TCF & Castleford Tigers to publish images of my child in promotional publications, on the company's website and on social media platforms.

If you do not give permission for your child’s photo to be published, please make sure that your child is aware of this.

Parent/guardian signature required

If you have any concern regarding the conents of our Privavy Policy please contact us at